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June 3, 2012
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saber avatar commander by MechanoidManiacks saber avatar commander by MechanoidManiacks
shouldn't have pushed myself with such glorious vision...
this was originally meant to be a triptic, but... i aint never get the job done. like always...
so i've started this one... like two months ago, and i've just finished adding the -lack of skill- shading effect.
and two more sketch similiar in detail and pose and stuff, i've got hard time to catch the perspective.
the shamefull thing is that i've already planned on another drawings about a robot spriggant, obviously abandoning the triptic now :(

this is the saber's battlefront command unit(something that you carry to a battlefield and has fight capability on it's own, usually they use remote super comp in a box for commanding forces)

after a long era of robot-human wars, the machines created a time machine... not for time travel, for the destruction of time, not that it would make you as if you are never born... it was used to f***k up chronology, like... you we're born today, but just ate yesterday, a plane crashed in 2010, but the plane was built in 1504.
however with this the humans are gone from existence, not at all... they are somewhere in "time" but the machines never figured it out, and they do still looking for them.

there are three factions that rises after the war
the Babylons, believe themselves to be the descendent of pandora(a guy who started the machine rebellion), wants to make an utopia where machines are equal to humans... in a bizarre way.
the crusader, believe themselves as... uh...
they think if they wipe out their creator, they will become god, and in a fanatic way they loathe how corrupt, greedy, jerk, retarded, etc human is, and even use religion for reference.

the sabers, believe themselves as the one to be blamed for the war and human misery... is trying to destroy their own existance, so that robots will never be invented, and the war doesn't have to happen, and their fanaticism are worse than a cult that worships an xbox.
AngelicAdonis Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nicely done! I really like the detail and design put in here! Awesome looking robot! :D
AngelicAdonis Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!:D
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